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Welcome to StressCHECK. We sell stress relief toys for adults, squishy fidget toys, tangle toys, smiley stress balls, heart stress balls, atlas stress balls, pink stress balls, blue stress balls, tangle fidget and global stress balls. We have a broad range of stress toys for anxiety and stress relief toys.

We have a wide range of stress balls for anxiety, ADHD & Autism.


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StressCHECK trading as Seaview Ventures Ltd. Our aim is to help with stress relief and reduce anxiety.

StressCHECK established in 1992 and in our early days we sold stress balls, Stressdots® and stressdot cards to organisations looking to help their employees relieve stress. Now we are a major supplier for every kind of stress relief toys, Fidget toys, sensory toys and stress balls for business, schools and domestic customers across the UK. 

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As our products have expanded over the years, StressCHECK is now a leading supplier of stress relief products, these days commonly know as fidget toys. We have established a positive market position in supplying stress relief toys to the public and private sectors as well as individuals.


Our products help deal with and relieve stress in the home, school, university and workplace. They include stress balls with smiley faces in yellow, pink, blue and orange, stress brains, stress globes, stress atlas', stress hearts, stress beach balls and seasonally stress Santas and snowmen. Our products also include yellow, pink and blue tangles.

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Highest quality and long lasting 

All of our stress relief toys are designed to be used regularly and withstand the test of time. The products we provide the UK are made from high quality, non-toxic and vibrant materials which makes them perfect for a wide demographic.   

Whether you are looking for a stress and anxiety relief solution for your staff, children, person in special education or just for a person who likes to keep their hands busy. You can be sure that our products will help to relieve stress and lower anxiety levels leaving the capability to focus on the task at hand. 

If you are a business owner who is interested in making an order please get in touch with us to ensure you get our best prices. 

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