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Yellow Fiddle Kit  - 6 Pieces

Yellow Fiddle Kit - 6 Pieces

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NEW Mood Test Pack

NEW Mood Test Pack

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50 Piece Kinesthetic Learning Classroom Pack

50 Piece Kinesthetic Learning Classroom Pack

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The UK's leading stress product company
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About StressCHECK Ltd

If your organisation is looking to help its employees to relieve stress then StressCHECK is here to fulfill your needs. We have a range of products that will show you how to deal with stress and how to cope with stress in the home and workplace.

StressCHECK was established in 1992 and from those early days we sold our main product Stress Balls, Stressdots® and Stressdot Cards.  Our products have expanded over the years and we now sell a wide range of products dealing with stress relief for both companies and individuals. 

StressCHECK is now a leading supplier of these products and the company has established an enviable position in the market place to both public and private sectors.

Here are some of the public sector clients of StressCHECK: 

The NHS and the civil service in all it's forms including the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Inland Revenue, Prison Service, various Government departments Treasury, Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Department for Constitutional Affairs, Schools, Universities, Local Authorities and many more…..

Here are some of the private sector clients of StressCHECK:

Shell, BP, Astra Zeneca, ICI, Royal Sun Alliance, British Airways, BBC, BAE Systems, Coca Cola, Grant Thornton, Holiday Inn, Unilever, Yorkshire Water and many more household names...

As the demand for StressCHECK’s products has increased year on year so has the desire of its clients to provide not only stress relief products but eLearning as well. Our Beating Stress Interactive e-Learning guide will teach learners how to cope with stress at home and in the workplace

StressCHECK is the trading name of Seaview Ventures Ltd

StressCHECK is completely dedicated to customer service. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at

Read our Terms and Conditions for details of Delivery, Distance Selling and our Privacy Policy.

The StressCHECK Promise

Our customers demand the highest level of service and quality products. We have designed our very own 'StressCHECK Smile' a unique smile that is used across our products and packaging.

Wherever you see the smile below be assured that the products contained in the package (or those with the smile printed onto them) have been manufactured to the highest standards and have been designed as stress relief products.

 Stadium Smile

Our Contact details:

Seaview Ventures trading as StressCHECK

Phone: 01904 490015

Stress Balls

A selection of ball-shaped stress squeezers - a simple stress relief product to help you combat stress. A wide range of shapes and objects are available, so if nothing in section takes you fancy or you have seen something else call us as we can source thousands of different shapes and sizes of squeezers.

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Mood Cards®

A Mood Card® is the size of a business card and can test your stress levels in 10 seconds. See our fantastic new design and NEW price which is over 50% cheaper. We also offer branded Mood Cards® with no additional cost for artwork.

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A credit card sized (they will fit in a pocket, wallet or purse) personal stress monitor with 1,3 or 10 Stressdots®. From as little as 30p they are the perfect stress awareness product which gives you instant feedback and raises awareness of your stress levels.

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Stress Relief CD ROM

Beating Stress Interactive is an electronic version of our popular publication 'Beating Stress' which has sold over 200,000 worldwide. Accessed via CD ROM it demonstrates how to cope with stress and combat stress creating an informative and fun learning experience.

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Stress Relief Packs

This range of stress relief packs are designed for either personal use or the corporate buyer, they are ideal for use in training sessions or as a give-away to your staff when you want to help combat stress. We offer a tactile pack, wellbeing pack, smiley fun pack and many more...
All our packs offer a minimum of 15% discount on the items bought separately.

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Smiley Bendy Men

Our most popular stress relief product; Bound to make you smile; Demonstrate the point of flexibility and attitude of mind and are tactile and reinforce the awareness message.

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