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Yellow Fiddle Kit  - 6 Pieces

Yellow Fiddle Kit - 6 Pieces

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 Branded Mood Card®

Branded Mood Card®

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Stressdot® Card 10 Dot

Stressdot® Card 10 Dot

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Ultimate Fiddle Kit

Ultimate Fiddle Kit

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Yellow Fiddle Kit  - 3 Pieces

Yellow Fiddle Kit - 3 Pieces

£6.90 (inc VAT)

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Brain Squeezers | 100 Pieces

Stress Balls - Brain Squeezer - the Squeezer that makes you think what stress does to the brain!


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£184.80 (inc VAT)
Ref: S202(100)
Brain Squeezer

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How to use

Simply squeeze the stress ball to release tension and get the blood circulating into your hands.

The squeezing action has a number of effects on the body including improvement of blood circulation, the relief of muscle tension by relaxing muscles and joints and the promotion of sleep.

These Stress Squeezers are made from foam and are of a medium consistency. They are NOT made from plastic, rubber or putty type material.

This is not a toy.


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