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NEW Mood Test Pack

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Yellow Fiddle Kit - 6 Pieces

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Branded Mood Card®

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Stressdot® Card 10 Dot


Reinforce your stress awareness message with this perfect cost effective stress relief product which gives you instant feedback on your stress levels.

This Stressdot®  card contains 10 Stressdots®. We also sell 1 and 3 dot cards. 

Stressdot®  is a registered trade mark of StressCHECK Ltd.

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Stressdots™ 10 Dot Card  

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Further Information

How accurate are Stressdots®?

Medical research has proved that changes from a state of relaxation to one of stress, can be measured by changes in skin temperature, within temperature ranges of 82F to 2F. In tests Stressdots® have proved within this band to be accurate as a medical thermometer.

How do Stressdots® work?

When you are stressed there is an increase in muscle tension, the blood vessels near the skins surface constrict and the temperature of your hands and feet decreases. Similarly as you relax, your hands and feet become warmer and blood flows more freely. The colour changes of the Stressdot® simply and graphically demonstrate the changes in the body's stress levels.




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