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Stressdot® Card 10 Dot

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Bespoke Stress Squeezers

Bespoke Stress Squeezers


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Workplace Wellbeing Pack with 1 Dot Stressdot Card

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Bespoke Stress Squeezers

Is your organisation looking for innovative stress squeezers?

If so we can now provide a bespoke service and supply stress squeezers is just about any shape and colour- let your imagination go wild!!

Are you looking for:

  • A squeezer in a specific colour
  • A squeezer in a specific shape
  • A squeezer with your company logo 
  • A squeezer with a message or strap line

Price for our bespoke squeezers is on application and delivery time is usually 3 - 4 weeks.

We require a minimum order of 1000 units with discounts available for larger number.

Look at the pictures attached for some ideas and below is a description of the process and pictures to illustrate what can be achieved..

Please contact Michael Collier for a full quote on 01904 490015 or email him on with your requirements.

Ref: S21
Bespoke Stress Squeezers - Pilot  

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More Views

  • Bespoke Stress Squeezers - My Genius
  • Bespoke Stress Squeezers - Rocket
  • Bespoke Stress Squeezers - Cupcake
  • Bespoke Stress Squeezers - Fireman
  • Bespoke Stress Squeezers - Traffic Warden
  • Bespoke Stress Squeezer - House

Further Information

Bespoke Stress Ball Process

There are 4 stages in the process of a bespoke squeezy ball (or other shape) these stages usually occur once we have provided full costings and an order has been placed.

Stage 1

We ask our client to supply an image (or images if possible) of the item that they would like to turn into a squeezy shape, we also ask for dimensions at this stage.

Stage 2

Our manufacturer makes a wax model from the pictures provided. This model will then be used to make the mould for the squeezy shape. Our clients need to be aware that some alterations may need to be made as the original picture/item may not be totally suitable as a squeezy shape. The wax model is then shown to the client and changes can be made at this stage.

Stage 3

Once the wax model has been ‘signed off’ we then go into the ‘tooling’ phase where a mould is made from the wax model. The rubber liquid then fills the mould to make the squeezy shape, colour and logo prints are added at this stage. We then require a final ‘sign off’ before we go to full production.

Stage 4

We then manufacture the required number of squeezy shapes which are shipped back to the UK




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