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How to Release Stress

Are you a stay at home parent? Research says you could be more stressed out than City traders – but don't worry, there are countless stress relief products on the market, but which are the best stress relief products?

Forget flowers and chocolates – seeking out the best products could be the best present for Mothers' and Fathers' Day. Researchers have shown that stay at home parents dealing with young children have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those considered to be in high stress jobs – including City traders, teachers and taxi drivers.

The common misconception is stay at home parents have a pleasant enough time, strolling in the park, playing with their children and baking cakes. But the reality, according to Dr David Lewis of the Mindlab Organisation who did the research, is stay at home parents are isolated from other adults and are more vulnerable to stress because they have less sense of personal control over their lives.

Parents not Office Workers Need the Best Stress Releasing Products!

Professionals are able to exercise a degree of control, helping them deal with stress. They are trained in their roles and receive peer support and guidance, offering them ways of coping with the stress of their jobs. Stay at home parents however often have no training and are often isolated from other adults for much of their day. One of the best ways parents cope with stress is to be selfish and take a little 'me' time – but this can be impossible for some who don't have the resources to be selfish. Finding the best stress relief products is all about finding the product that suits you and your lifestyle. If you only have time in the evenings when the children are in bed – a stress relief or relaxation CD could be effective. Stress balls and tactile stress relief products placed around the home could also offer you a way to incorporate stress management into your daily routine.

Take a Little 'Me' Time

Stress management experts say it's important to find the best stress relief products that suit your routine and to develop strategies to stop the small stresses blowing up into bigger ones. Having a stress ball at hand can work in the same way as counting slowly to ten – giving yourself time to calm down and unwind. Stress expert Professor Cary Cooper from Lancaster University told the Telegraph newspaper he wasn't surprise childcare was the most stressful of occupations: “Other jobs are a doddle in comparison. Most stay-at-home parents are women and a lot have the added stress of feeling guilty because they think society expects them to be working. Things are more difficult than 20 or 30 years ago when women lived nearer to extended families and had a support network.”

Too much stress impacts on health problems. It's important that you try and take time out from parenting to take care of yourself – if you are stressed out and ill, how can you look after anyone else?

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