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Relief Needed for Wound up Women

Are you female? In your 20s or 30s? Chances are you’re a prime candidate for some serious stress relief.

It seems every month a new research study is being undertaken investigating the damage our poor sleep habits are having on us. Poor sleep can impact on our physical and mental health; studies have found it can impact on everything from increasing our risk of heart disease to affecting our productivity at work. But how do we stop ourselves tossing and turning? Stress relief is one of the major approaches to addressing poor sleep habits. And it seems stress relief should be top of our agenda – especially for women.

Do You Need to Manage Stress?

If you’re kept awake by noise, you can buy ear plugs. If you’re awake because of too many stimulants, you can cut out caffeine and alcohol. But if you’re awake because you are sabotaging your own chances of sleep, it can lead to a frustrating cycle that’s hard to break. But stress-induced insomnia is on the rise for women in their 20s and 30s. Women are tenser than ever before, with some trying to be all things all of the time – mother, career woman, social butterfly - add to that increasing money stresses and it’s not surprising that women are getting less sleep than they need. A book has been released to address this phenomenon by a PhD associate professor of medicine at the New York School of Medicine. A Woman’s Guide to Sleep is co-written by Joyce Walsleben who says that stress is messing with women’s nocturnal schedule. Stress relief has never been so crucial if you want to switch off a buzzing brain and racing heart and really get the relaxation you need.

Women Susceptible to Anxiety

Stress relief is important because chronic stress can make sleep impossible. Anxiety releases stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) that elevate your heart rate, making sleep a distant promise. Even if you don’t suffer full blown insomnia, your sleep is likely to be fitful, so you don’t get the benefits of deep REM sleep. And women it seems have a harder time of it because of hormones – on the run up to her period, a woman is more susceptible to anxiety. Add to that the fact that many women find it hard to say no and take on emotional responsibilities – leaving them taking on more than they can chew – not saying ‘no’ to work colleagues, family or friends. Effective stress relief is the only way to cope with the demands of the day, allowing you to chill out properly at night.

Reduce Daily Stress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Night time is often the only time many women get to think and perhaps contemplate life – which can lead to a snowball effect. The ‘stress-sleeplessness trap’ means we end up worrying we can’t get to sleep, creating an endless cycle of anxiety. Poor sleep can lead to decreased immunity, poor mental function, and lower metabolism – impacting on your whole body and well being.

If you recognise this cycle, you need to take action and seek out effective stress relief methods fast. You need to learn to reduce your stress levels throughout the day.

Millions of people in the UK are stressed at work or at home. If you want to get the ultimate stress management then shop online at StressCHECK. Get Stressdots® to get instant feedback about your stress-levels.

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