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Stress Management Tips

A little bit of stress can help to motivate us and give us the drive to perform better at work, but it is important that we all make time to manage stress.

Managing our stress-levels is very important and it is essential that we get the stress relief that we need in order to wind down. Otherwise, we could burn out and make matters even worse. So how can we ensure that we get maximum stress relief with minimal effort?

Simple Stress Management Tips:

  • A sensible diet – watching what you eat is a very easy way to achieve stress relief. Abusing alcohol and food may give you short term stress relief, but in the long run it can impact on your mood, motivation and general well being. Choose a balanced diet with fresh fruit and veg.
  • Keep fit – exercising can release endorphins in your body and these natural chemicals will improve your mood. Regular exercise that you can enjoy is a great stress-buster and can help you clear your mind. It can also be very rewarding when you achieve the fitness goals that you have set yourself.
  • Chill out – don't burn the candle at both ends. Set aside an evening to do your favourite things, even if it is just simply relaxing and watching your favourite film. It is also important to get yourself in the right mood and to set the atmosphere, so have a relaxing bath or get in your pyjamas for the ultimate chill out session.
  • Cut out your toxins – avoid drinking too much coffee or smoking cigarettes. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are a quick-fix way of stress relief, but over time, they can make you feel much worse.
  • Mind over matter – assert yourself and stay positive. Stress can often be the cause of your own fears and inhibitions, so always try to see things in a positive light and you will notice that your stress-levels will reduce. Setting realistic goals in your life, or at work and not expecting too much from yourself will stop you from being overwhelmed and give you better self-esteem.
  • Know your bedtime – you can't fight stress effectively without getting a good night's sleep. If you get tired easily, know your limits. Sleep not only rests your body, but it also rests your mind. For ultimate stress relief, don't miss your bedtime!

Are You Stressed?

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