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Time to Work out Your Worries

Worrying is downright stressful, but it can be hard not to worry about our health, the safety of loved ones, our jobs, what we're eating, if we're drinking too much...the list is endless.

A reduction of stress is something all of us increasingly need. You don't have to be a brain surgeon or work in a high powered job to need manage stress. Our world is leaving us increasingly worried, prompting more of us to drink more than we should, smoke or suffer from sleepless nights. And it's making us ill.

Time to Focus on Stress

A recent survey by a website dedicated to worrying revealed that we Brits worry for over two hours every day, an extra half hour more of worrying than a year ago. Stress relief is in big demand. And it's easy to see why: the UK political system is in question as the MP expenses row exposes some politicians as crooks; the credit crunch has taken a heavy toll leaving 20% of homeowners in negative equity, increasing redundancy statistics and creating a continual fear of job instability; add to that the global terrorist threat and instability in the Middle East and escalating global warming, it isn't surprising stress relief is in order.

Switch off, Chill out

The fact that we are worrying more than ever, is obvious – there's simply more to worry about. But worry and anxiety fuel stress, and stress is associated with a wide variety of illnesses at worse, and at best leaves us feeling tired and miserable. Stress management is important as our lifestyles are increasingly demanding, leaving us little time to stand back and relax. Email, mobile phones, the internet and even television ensures we are enslaved to technology. Switching everything off is a great first step in stress relief – although not always a practical one.

Worried about Worrying!

Worrying and stress comes in many shades, from a niggling concern about a mole on your back, to a frantic job with strict deadlines, or an ongoing anxiety around money or health. Even watching a scary movie can trigger a stress response. Stress is part of life, but stress relief is increasingly important as stress becomes something that threatens to make us ill. Worry is part of life, but it shouldn't take over your life. And yet, the media seem intent to make it their job to make us panic – as the recent reportage around the swine flu pandemic illustrates. As the world throws more challenges, fear, anxiety and worry your way you can fight back with effective stress relief.

Talk to Stress Check

Stress Check is a York based company with more than 16 years’ experience in supplying stress relief products for people who find life a little hard to bear sometimes. With a wide range of products, there is something for everyone on our website. We are also proud to be the only UK stockist of the revolutionary new Stressdots™; perfect for monitoring stress levels. Call us today on 01904 490015 or email us at