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Mood Card®

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Branded Mood Card®

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NEW Mood Test Pack

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Stress Management Training

StressCHECK Ltd provides a variety of workshops and training courses raising people's awareness of stress and wellbeing and managing stress in others.

There are a range of courses and workshops:

Practical Stress Awareness Workshops

  • 2 Hour 'Stress Awareness Workshop'
  • 3 Hour 'Stress Awareness Workshop'
  • One Day ‘Stress Awareness Course’

Courses for Managers & Supervisors

  • 4 Hour 'Managing Employee Stress Workshop'
  • One Day 'Managing Employee Stress Course'

The 'Self Deliver Programme'

  • Train the Trainer
  • Benchmark Session
  • Trainer Assessment
  • Delegate Licences

The 'Well-Being Day' Events

  • Well Being Day

Call 01904 413560 for more detailed information or a brochure.