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50 Piece 'Busy Hands Busy Brains' Classroom Pack

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NEW Mood Test Pack

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Beating Stress Test (250 Units Job Lot)

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Corporate Stress Guide

Stress Relief direct from your computer. Beating Stress™ (the book) has always been one of our flagship products and is a contemporary guide to understanding stress. It has been used extensively by UK organisations as the foundation to successfully running stress awareness training programmes.

Beating Stress - Interactive

We are proud to introduce Beating Stress - Interactive (BSI) recreating an interactive version of our book incorporating the book's original content and a range of exciting, new multimedia content.

BSI takes full advantage of the interactive and multimedia possibilities and is available in e-learning formats. BSI also has questionnaires and exercises to assess the learner. A learner will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete the course.

We already have over 15,000 users of the interactive guide.

Please call us on 01904 490015 or email us for a full written quote (see examples of costs below).

Click here to access BSI if you know your username and password.

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Corporate Stress Relief Guide

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Further Information

Additional Benefits of BSI

  • Mass market appeal.

  • It will not replace face to face training but, instead, offers a cost effective alternative.

  • It helps to ensures that your staff have a common message.

  • It can be used to highlight staff that may need further attention.

  • It is fully SCORM Compliant and can be incorporated in an existing Learning Management System.

BSI can be accessed by employees via your Company Intranet or the Internet (using our Learning Management System).

Intranet - If you have a company Intranet we can provide you with BSI as an application that is easily accessible by all your employees.

Internet - We have made BSI available for learners to view online using our Learning Management System (LMS). This method is designed for those companies that do not have a Company Intranet and want to gain statistical information about their employees. Learners gain access through a secure portal where information and scores are recorded.

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of elearning training content. We have chosen an LMS that suits the needs of our clients and makes information available to both the learner and the company (if required). Learners can record their personal comments & scores over a period of time and assess improvements they are making. Employers can also access the LMS and see scores of individuals/departments/regions so that they can target training at those that need help.

What are the costs?

The costs of installing Beating Stress Interactive (BSI) need to be considered against the costs of not acting.

  1. BSI is a proactive approach to tackling stress in the workplace.
  2. BSI can help to reduce stress related illnesses.
  3. BSI tackles what stress is and how to deal with it in a fun way.

Below are some indicative costs for XYZ Ltd, they employ 750 staff.

Intranet - XYZ Ltd have a company Intranet and decided to make it available to all employees.

At £1.83 per user the total investment is low at only £1370.00 +VAT

Internet - XYZ Ltd have a company Intranet but decided that they wanted statistical information supplied by our LMS so selected the Internet option via secure login.

At £2.63 per user the total investment is £1970.00 +VAT

Note: This option is sold on a annual licence basis and the LMS fee is annually renewable.

From less than £1.00 per learner Beating Stress Interactive offers simple and cost effective support and guidance for the ever increasing problem of stress.

Please contact Michael Collier on 01904 490015 to discuss which option best suits your organisation and to get a full written quote.

Case Study

first direct a division of HSBC Bank plc, which has over 100 million customers in 85 countries and territories, is an Internet Bank that has been rated both the UK’s best banking website and the UK’s best online bank. At the 2008 Top 50 Call Centres for customer Service awards, were proud to win “Best Call centre in the UK.” It was with these credentials behind them that first direct actively began to search for innovative ways to proactively deal with stress.

Michaela Wright, Social Leadership Manager at first direct says;

“Beating Stress Interactive™ appealed to us on many levels, the environmental impact fitted with our philosophy and it is a very personal and private way for people to assess their stress monitor, anyone of our employees can use it at anytime simply by accessing our Intranet. We would definitely recommend Stress Check Ltd to any organisation looking for an interactive and fresh approach to combating stress in the workplace.”




How to use

If you have been provided with a User Name and Password both learners and administrators can gain access to Beating Stress Interactive via our Learning Management System from the links below.

  • Click here to access the LMS if you are a learner:

  • Click here to access the LMS if you are an administrator: