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NEW Mood Test Pack

NEW Mood Test Pack

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Special Price: £1.38

Workplace Wellbeing Pack with 1 Dot Stressdot Card

Workplace Wellbeing Pack with 1 Dot Stressdot Card

£1.08 (inc VAT)

Stressdot® Card 10 Dot

Stressdot® Card 10 Dot

£2.99 (inc VAT)

 Branded Mood Card®

Branded Mood Card®

£0.74 (inc VAT)

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Workplace Wellbeing Partners

StressCHECK are now able to offer organisations the ability to become an ‘Affiliate Partner’ a new initiative that can help your organisation to make money with no outlay for stock or set up fees.

What is an Affiliate Partner?

An Affiliate Partner is an arrangement between StressCHECK and similar organisations that would like to offer discount to their clients or earn income from the sale of our products. We have invested in new software that allows the Affiliate Partner to be able to manage the whole process and we provide real-time statistics showing what sales have been completed.

How much does it cost?

Being and Affiliate Partner is FREE and all that’s is required by the affiliate is a Paypal account so that commission payments can be made.

How does it work?

Once an account has been created we discuss the most appropriate route for your organisation, we can offer your clients and members a discount on products purchased or you may decide to receive comission (or we can do both). In most instances our full range of products will be included but in some cases a selection will be made. Our software will then supply unique URL links which the affiliate will use on their website or blog. Once that link is followed our software can recognise the source of the buyer and reward the customer or organisation accordingly.

Can we have a branded shop on your website?

Yes, we will allow our affiliates space on our website for a shop page that can contain their logo and information about the affiliate. The affiliate can then select products that they want in their shop from our wide range, this shop page will then become the page that is promoted on the affiliates website. If the affiliate does not want a branded shop then that is OK we then simply create a link from the affiliate webiste to our homepage and buyers can browse and buy in the usual way.

Can the affiliate sell bespoke products?

Yes, we can make bespoke items for you that can be sold in your shop, items likeStressdot Cards® with your company name and logo or stress balls with your company logo are the likely candidates.

Can the affiliate sell their own products?

No, our Affiliate Program only allows the sale of our existing products or bespoke versions of our products.

How do I become an Affiliate Partner?

If you would like to know more or are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact Dan Carter on 01904 413560 or