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BSI CD ROM with Stressdots™

Beating Stress Interactive (BSI) is a personal stress guide that can be accessed via the CD ROM. With over 70 pages of content, BSI offers personal activity based information, advice and guidance.

BSI takes full advantage of the interactive and multimedia possibilities and also contains questionnaires and exercises to assess the learner. A learner will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete the course.

This CD ROM comes in a cellowrapped jewel case and also contains a strip of 5 Stressdots and instructions on how to use.

If you would be interested in reselling this CD please contact Mike on 01904 490015. 

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£7.00 (inc VAT)
Ref: CD01
BSI CD  to help combat stress

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Further Information

What will Beating Stress Interactive Cover?

What makes you stressed?

A number of exercises have been included that you can work through at your own pace to understand YOUR stressors (what makes you stressed).

We are all affected by different 'stressors', so it's important that you recognise what it is that makes you stressed – this interactive questionnaire helps you understand what your stressors are.

Understanding your personality

our personality and behaviour will affect the way you react to situations in life, no two people are alike.  Two main personality types have been identified – find out which one you are!

Stress in your daily life and in the workplace

Take the two Stress Assessment Questionnaires to find out which situations will make you more susceptible to stress and get feedback on your answers. (The online version allows you to store results so that you can review and measure future changes the CD will allow you to print results.)

Practical tips & techniques

Learn a variety of practical exercises and how to put into practice what you have learnt.

Act now to help yourself!

Learn everything from; breathing techniques and relaxation exercises, posture and exercise, understand how to eat, drink and live wisely, to manage your time and reduce stress in relationships.

Other content

  • Produce your own personal action plan.
  • Take the Beating Stress Quiz to see how much you have learned.
  • See a short presentation from Trainer, Paul Turner


This CD ROM also contains a strip of 5 Stressdots™.

Reinforce your stress awareness message with this perfect cost effective stress relief product which gives you instant feedback on your stress levels.

How do Stressdots™ work?

When you are stressed there is an increase in muscle tension, the blood vessels near the skins surface constrict and the temperature of your hands and feet decreases. Similarly as you relax, your hands and feet become warmer and blood flows more freely. The colour changes of the Stressdot™ simply and graphically demonstrate the changes in the body's stress levels.

Take a look at the video clip below to see a taster of BSI!




How to use

To Access Beating Stress Interactive

  • Insert the disk into the disk drive on your computer
  • The disk should automatically run and open Beating Stress Interactive
  • Beating Stress Interactive opens in a new window, simple click on the modules to access
  • If the disk does not run then the ‘auto run’ function has been disabled so please follow the instructions below

To Access Beating Stress Interactive Manually

  • Locate exe Beating Stress from ‘My Computer’
  • Double click on the folder assets folder to open
  • Double click on the flash interface icon to run Beating Stress Interactive
  • Beating Stress Interactive opens in a new window, simple click on the modules to access

What our customers say....

“I hadn't really realised just how many everyday things were causing me to be stressed, but since using the online stress tool I no longer dread going to work! Thank-you!” Letitia, Sheffield, UK.